Q? How can I register?
Registration is online or in-person at Runners Depot of Vero Beach.

Q?: What do I wear on Race Day?

Most importantly, good running shoes, even if you’re walking! We always suggest moisture-wicking materials for shirt, shorts, and socks. Remember, this an evening race, so we recommend bright colors. You may also want to bring a jacket, sweatshirt, or additional shirt to change into for after you run, as it can be cool in the evening. Check your email for any last-minute race instructions with weather updates. Also, ask your team captain if you will be wearing company colors or a company shirt.


Q?: How do I know what size to pick when registering?

The shirts are unisex technical t-shirts.

Q?: If I can’t come to the race, can I still get my shirt?



Q?: How do I form a team?

You can create a team very easily! By putting together a team, you become the team captain. If you are participating in the race, you must register yourself as well.

Q?: Do I have to be a Member of a Team to run?

No! Although we highly encourage teams to participate.

Q?: What constitutes a team?

A minimum of four runners is what qualifies as a team.

Q?: Does my team need to wear the same color on race day?

We highly suggest team spirit by wearing your company colors.